Portrait images appearing in landscape mode (Asset Manager)

Hi all, I have a number of photos in portrait and landscape mode which I want to present using a Lightbox, the issue I have is that the portrait photo’s are displayed in landscape mode on the Asset Manager and when applied to an image bric.

Can anybody help?


I have come across this before although not in Blocs. Some cameras or image viewers seem to “decide” whether an image should be viewed in landsacape or portrait so that you don’t have to rotate it.
The solution is to open the image in an editor like Photoshop etc, make any minor change to it and resave it again. I’ve found this solves the problem.

Thanks David, that’s sorted it, I can now finish my website.

I’m having the same issue, and the minor edit fix didn’t solve the issue.

You could force it by adding a black background and resaving.

Thats a good idea, thanks!