Position of logo in nav bar

I searched the forum I saw similar posts but not exactly what I was looking or posts that weren’t answered, I have a logo in the in the nav bar, its an SVG, I managed to bring the nav bar to a height of 80 px, I can align the links pretty well now thats nice, but no matter what I do I can’t bring the logo few pixels more up. Whats the missing part? I can move it down but not up, when moving down the links also move down even they have a different class.


Did you try to use the negative margin? Try to add a new custom class to this logo, and do as shown in the image below.

yes sire @Eldar I just found a solution. In “appearance” padding was set to 20 px I switched it to none, then I could use the margin and position the logo as I wanted it in a 80 px high nav bar