Possible to adjust top padding for background image in Hero?

Hello All,

I’m new to Blocs and loving it so far.

I have added a Hero bloc with a background image of which the style is set to “Fill”. However, the top of the image is cropped severely even though the thumbnail preview in the sidebar displays correctly. I’d like to “shift” the image down by about 15-20px.I have tried to create a custom class so that I can add top padding but this seems to apply to the text content, rather than the background image.

Does anyone have a suggestion to fix this?


I have this exact issue as well.


in my pages I have this coding parameters appearance and background and do not have the problem that you indicate.
You can check with the image of my page “hero” and try on your homepage (hero)


where did that “sticky” checkbox come from? I don’t have that, and it seems like it may be the key to my issue. I got an update notice today, but you posted this 2 days ago…? I didn’t update because i know better than to do so halfway through a project.

select your navigation menu and in the side panel should appear that option for your menu to be as Sticky

i guess that has nothing to do with what i’m trying to fix because i don’t have any nav- it’s just a landing page.

just select your hero and in the side panel you should exit in the same way

i don’t have that sticky option, at all.

The only thing that occurs to me is that you used a structure block

instead of a hero block.

only so it could be that it does not appear try to use a hero block instead of a structure block

pretty sure i used a hero, but just to be sure, i created another one. Got “Sticky” now, and checked your settings. Background pic still cut off in actual browser.

What configuration do you have for the image? you could send a screenshot with the part that is cut to observe it well

i’ve got it fixed by adding a class to the bloc with positioning set to left top, style to “fill”, and “full screen” under appearance.

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