Possible with Blocs

Hi there,
I am used to blocs Version 1.
I now have version 2 but i am not sure of what i can accomplish with it yet.

Would it be possible to make a similar website, navigation, full pictures with blocs?


thanks for your help


I just checked the mobile version and it has hijacked scroll effects. You can’t create scroll interactions like this with Blocs, the side bar menu is achievable and most of the general styling is too, but the way the actual site functions scrolling wise isn’t achieavble with Blocs.


If you are interested this is the specific Library that the page you referenced uses:

If you wanted, you could perhaps:

  • Design a site in Blocs with stacked Hero Blocs
  • Export it
  • Then restructure the source (via manual edits) as needed and described by the Library and its usage
  • etc.,
  • at least you would perhaps have a starting point via Blocs, worth a shot.

Also that Library is one of many, but this one in particular is well maintained and quite full featured. It’s worth a look if you are interested in this type of site.

Hope it helps your efforts. :wink:

Thanks a lot Guys

There was a great deal of interest in these type of layouts in the RapidWeaver community about 18 months ago. A Stack was developed called Screens that did exactly this and was a considerable effort to make it work I believe. I was very interested in this and developed a couple of sites using it and spent an enormous amount of time doing this. Way too much time for the result because I could not reduce my content and the whole design because a compromise. See https://preview.joeworkman.net/screens/#demos for Screens demo and note the small amount of content that works well in this type of layout.

What initially seems like a great idea is a web layout with very strict limitations and many clever tools and media queries to make it work. The problem is content size and when you consider the page size you see on small mobile display, you will realise there is very little room for this to work. You need text that scales, side navigation dots that scales and can be hidden, side navigation and top and bottom navigation that also scales and needs media queries with pixel accuracy to make it work. IMHO these designs only work for simple very small text content sites. To see what I mean, look at the demo site http://alvarotrigo.com/fullPage/#4thpage on an iPhone6 on landscape to see the mess. Imagine what it looks like on an iPhone4?

A much better approach was that developed by Big White Duck stacks with their groundbreaking Sections stacks. Imagine a hero Bloc that you could adjust the height of to to be a % of browser height or width with an intelligent collapse as the content grows too big, or be set by the size of the content. Add in additional positioning of other Brics within that Bloc, animated content, Ken Burns, zooms, etc and every CSS effect under the sun and you are starting to understand what Sections does. However, this type of solution using Sections type software, is the best way to build these type of page layouts in my experience.

Wow, thanks a lot webdeersign.
I really like the look of it but yes after looking under the hood I have to say it tricky to implement.

Thank again



Those aspects are true even in Bloc’s and in all web development. Very rarely do you find one size fits all without the need for customization or tweaking. Even with Bloc’s you need to at many times leverage “Breakpoint Views” + “Custom Classes” etc., to ensure user experience fluidity across breakpoints and screen sizes when developing sites.

With all approaches you need to know what can and should be leveraged, the appropriate content level, common general things to consider, does the delivery method match the user audience, understanding overall limitations and benefits, etc., etc., one approach does not fit all.