Potential new user needs advice

I am considering purchasing this product as a replacement for iWeb. The site I build will just be for my family and never be hosted on the internet. Would BLOCs be a good choice for me? Please keep in mind that while I’m tech savy, I’m not a web developer. I can come to understand most programs as long as they don’t get too complicated. Also, can site be set to a specific type of English? For instance, my wife and I wish to keep UK English in the site, as opposed to American English. No offense intended-UK English is simply our preference.

We would be most grateful for anyone’s assistance in this matter.

Blocs is vastly more advanced that iWeb was in terms of flexibility, but it can also be used in a simple manner if your needs are modest. More advanced users will be creating custom classes for very fine control over every aspect, however many will just rely on the settings in the side panel.

I am little confused by your talk of not putting this on the internet. Your work can always be viewed inside Blocs or previewed on a browser locally without ever uploading to the internet but I think it is reasonable to say this is primarily a web design app, where the typical destination for a project would be on the internet. If you really intend to avoid the web entirely there are probably different tools available and I would have said the same about iWeb.

Inside the app itself the interface is all in English. You can set English as the language in project settings, but this is only of relevance to browsers and Google on the internet. Blocs is developed here in England but you can write any way you like inside Blocs. There is no option to set British English or US English as such. If you are feeling Brave it has options for Cornish or variations of Gaelic, but none of this will have any affect on what you see.

There is a free demo version available if you want to give it a spin. https://blocsapp.com/

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Your choice of English is really determined by the language settings of your computer. If your computer is set up as UK english, then any spell check or grammar check options in Blocs will follow the rules of your system’s language settings. As for simplicity, Blocs makes web site development a breeze straight out of the box. Just use standard blocs and brics and your site will work just fine. If you want to do non-standard stuff, then you may be faced with having to add some custom code. This is true of most web development applications. Give it a whirl with a free trial with the demo version. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised at how simple the application is.