Pre-paid for Eldar's Master Blocs course

I have one suggestion though I may be too late to have it included.

If any future courses are planned try to include mistakes and how you rectify these mistakes. All courses, beginner and intermediate always appear sanitized. The creator knows and understands how the software is put together and thus intuitively proceeds step by step perfectly to do something. A learner doesn’t know the idiosyncratics of how the app behaves and when a mistake is made there is nothing to fall back on in an attempt to understand how to go about fixing and preventing another mistake.

Include as many mistakes as you think worthy. T’anks.

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Hello @Kurt,

Actually, it is an interesting idea. I will try to think what I can do without making the videos too confusing to follow. Thanks for the feedback.


Hey Eldar,
Good work on explaining Blocs. How much is the course? Can you list what you will be covering?
Will the course be through YouTube, if so can the video be clearer. When you zoom in the videos become blurry.

The video is in 4K. Not sure why it’s blurry for you. Did you try to download it via Gumroad? I will try to use the zoom feature if it’s blur.

The getting started course is free, and the advanced course will be sold for 79.99 (pre-order price 69.99). I will publish the finalized list of contents soon. The main purpose of the course will be to teach users everything I know.

If there is anything you want me to include, let me know.

Cheers, Eldar

Thanks Eldar,
I have not heard of Gumroad. You mentioned Start Course. Can you share the link please.

Here’s the link to the free course.


Thank you Casey :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late response!
Thank you to @casey1823 for sharing the link!

If you look at the page, there are a blue download buttons next to ‘play’. Just click on any of them and it will open the pop up window from Gumroad. Input ‘0’ in the price field and put your email there. Then, you will be able to stream or download all of the videos in its original resolution.


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That would be good.

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And possibly for videos also specify a single price.

For example, I do not need instructions for a payment page.
Greetings, Thomas

I don’t think many people offer individual parts. I’d be surprised if Eldar did that.

A king once suggested to Mozart that there might be too many notes in one of his operas. #justSaying

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Joseph II. of Austria said this out of ignorance …
and historically only in the film of Milos Forman.

But true … too many cooks spoil the mash.

If his knowledge is big enough … what I believe,
he will be able to calculate the surcharge.

Ultimately, I’m curious about the videos.

He could charge $40 for each video individually, $79 for all of them… :wink:

Anyway, not my problem.

Or … he’s cool.
And not immediately snapped.

Hey guys,

I will share a bit of info about the ‘Becoming a Blocs Master’ course, but first…

@vandieck There won’t pricing per single video, for sure. If there is some topic you need help with, tell me and I would be happy to record the video and share it with you for free.

I will work harder to help people who support my projects, but it doesn’t mean I am going to stop helping people who don’t sign up for premium course.

@pauland I don’t think I would be able to look at myself if I charge $40, or even $4 for each video :smile:

Ok, about the course…

The most important thing about the upcoming course is that it will act like Premium Membership on Blocs Templates. Meaning that whoever signs up for the ‘Becoming a Blocs Master’ series will have access not just to the videos I include in the course on day 1, but also to the videos I will add to this course later in the coming months.

I am still recording and editing the videos, but I already know exactly what will be available on June 28th. The goal is to have enough video material to cover the most of knowledge (experience) I have about Blocs, and enough for users to build complex websites in Blocs.

I will share the outline of the course when it’s available (probably close to the release date), but to summarize, the course will include 3 big sections (on Day 1).

  1. Step by step videos on how to build the complex multi-page website in Blocs, highly customizable with custom classes. Basically, I will build the next premium template for Blocs Templates while recording the whole process and explaining every step.

  2. Videos explaining how to rebuild more complex (than Tesla Model 3 from Getting Started course) webpages from Tesla or Apple website, as close as it is possible in Blocs, and as perfect as my knowledge allows.

  3. The main section. Library of videos covering each category of using Blocs.

This library will not be complete on day 1, because I will be adding more categories in the future. I want to make it easy for me to update the content in the library, so when Blocs 2.5 brings the new asset manager, I will have to record and update the videos just for category ‘asset manager’, etc. In other words, I want to build a data base of ‘how to’ videos, which will be kept updated as the development of Blocs progresses.

@Kurt About your suggestion for including as much mistakes as possible. I think it is a good idea, so I have decided to include a serious of videos, where I build some website without preparing and thinking through what I am going to do in advance. I can’t promise these videos will be available on June 28th, but I will definitely add them in the future.

To summarize, I want to teach users to do everything I can do in Blocs. I am not saying I know everything, I am sure some of the users here like @mackyangeles can teach me a couple of things about Blocs. Everybody has a specific style, so if a user likes my style, Becoming a Blocs Master course will be the perfect opportunity for this user to learn it from me.

For people who don’t know my style, just visit Blocs Templates. There are about 20 templates in about 40 variations.

I hope it answers some of the questions. I will share more info when it’s available, but for now I will concentrate on making the content.

Best regards,

Eldar, I’m sure you’ll do great.

A curriculum would help people make a purchasing decision more easily - it’s an important influence in how I make buying decisions in online training for other technology areas, and I suspect that’s true for other people too.


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Thank You @Eldar for sharing this. I like that you are going to update the videos as new versions of Blocs are released. I will taking a closer look at the blocs master classes are released.


Sounds good …
I’ll probably pay for it.

So simple is the program, you must know it.