Preloader doesn't work every time

I am not sure to understand how the preloader works.
When I go to my website, I do see the preloader, then when I go to one of the gallery, it works too.
But when I click on any other gallery, it doesn’t work anymore, and the images come one by one…


Is there anything I can do so the preloader works on every single page ?

For me everything opened normally and I didn’t even see a preloader, but I never use a preloader on websites. It’s not the fault of Blocs, but rather dictated by the server, network connection, visitor’s computer and theoretically even an adblocker.

A preloader effectively loads the entire page before showing it and that’s fine as long as there are no major delays or you risk seeing that spinning preloader for a very long time.

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I think you have a really fast internet connection then :wink: lucky you !

A preloader effectively loads the entire page before showing it

Well, that is what I thought, but I don’t understand why it does work on the first page, then on one of the gallery. But after that it doesn’t do it anymore on the other galleries…

I have a reasonably fast 76mbps internet connection, however I do have new i7 Mac mini and pretty much all web pages seem to be opening in the blink of an eye. I just tried on my cheap Android phone and did see the preloader on the home page for about a second but not on the other pages.

If you are seeing the preloader on one page but seeing images open one by one on other pages my guess is that you have lazy load enabled. The preloader has then opened the basic page but lazy load is then delaying images until they are visible. I always switch off lazy load.

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That would make sense !
I will try to upload the website without lazy load to see what it does…

Way better without Lazyload, thank you @Flashman

I think lazy load has some problems lately. I know Chrome is enabling it by default these days at a browser level and I think it is causing some conflicts when enabled in Blocs, so I’ve been turning it off since last December.

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