Preloader gif doesn't show up when using Safari

I’ve selected pageload-spinner.gif to use as a preloader on my website. I haven’t yet uploaded my website to a webhost and currently testing it locally.

Preloader show up on every browser (chrome, firefox, opera) EXCEPT safari. What could be the problem here? How can i fix it?

This is well known issue in Safari.
Unfortunately I can’t explain why. Somebody on this forum can.
Also there is an issue with the double animation on Safari which could be for the same reason as the missing preloader.

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I see. Well, that’s unfortunate :frowning:

Safari is known for loading things in strange ways for improved performance, but occasionally it backfires. I once had a problem with a video that refused to load if compression was turned on in cPanel when I was using CloudFlare. All other browsers worked fine.

I would add though that I’ve experienced problems in the past with Chrome when preloader was enabled and found the website would not load at all. As a result I just avoid using the preloader now and find Blocs is fast enough that it isn’t generally needed.

Do you guys know any other way to add a preloader to safari? Like adding custom code or libraries?

Not personally. If speed is an issue you could always try CloudFlare on a free package, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a slow loading website on Blocs.

No, i just really want to use my custom preloader :wink: