Preparing tablet/mobile view - moving 2column-blocs?

Hello forum!

My first site is not yet completely finished but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is a sneak view:
Being unfinished, it is still password protected.

I am confident though that nobody should here have any problem whatsoever memorising the ID/password combination :wink:

ID: blocsapp
PW: blocsapp

I still have to shoot some pictures (actually quite a lot) and some of the cross references links in the text do not work yet, but otherwise the PC view is pretty much finished.

Now, for the tablet and mobile view I need to exchange the position of the the blocs with text and those with pictures.

In other words, the current order in PC view:

picture - text

for tablet and mobile needs to be changed to:


Simply going into mobile view, grabbing a bloc and moving it does not work (obviously).

What would be a smart way to go about it?