Preview isn't working for Converted Projects

I just upgraded to V5 so I duplicated one of my V4 projects and opened it in V5 and it broke the preview in both V4 and V5 versions. New projects in V5 preview just fine. When I open Web Inspector it’s saying:
“Failed to load resource: Could not connect to the server …http://localhost:8080?3058

The project pages are using php instead of html, not sure if that is causing an issue or not.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated


It does look at though it has something to do with the pages being php instead of html. I took a project file I use for testing and opened it in V4, it would not preview. I then changed the pages setting to html and it started previewing like it should. I’m going to now take the file and convert it to V5 to see if it will still preview.

I converted the project to V5 then changed the Page Type to html, it then previewed like it should. I then changed it back to php and it continued to preview like it’s supposed too. Not sure if it’s just something with my project file or a bug but I got it sorted out.

Make sure you don’t have Blocs v4 preview mode running on the same port.

they were both running on 8080. I’ll change V4 so it runs on a different port. Thanks @Norm

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Not sure what this means. Does this suggest clearing out the cache?

Port Number is configured in Preferences: