Primary Menu and Sub-menus with Templates

I am creating a website which will have different Header menus in different sections.
I created templates so I can create new Pages from a starting point. All the pages / templates share the same Header and Footer.
When I create a template in which I don’t want to use the Primary Menu, I uncheck the “Use Primary Menu” option. I also made sure to check if the option is unmark on the page itself (and not only in the template).

The problem is when I select a different Menu on the page I want to use a different menu, Blocs automatically switch the menu on all other pages, including the pages I want to use the Primary Menu and where the “Use Primary Menu” option is checked.

I don’t know if I used templates in the wrong way. I imagine it can be the only source of the problem. I tried to create new templates but it doesn’t work. Do you have any idea of what I am doing wrong? Or is there a bug with Blocs?


I have managed to do it.
We actually have to uncheck “Top Global Area” on page settings.
And then create a top Bloc the way we want, with a list that will be transformed into a menu.
Hope the information will help someone else.


hello i am a new membderv