Privacy made easy (like in Sparkle app)

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here is another -nice-to-have- post :slight_smile:

I just made a website “quick & dirty” for a friend in sparkle (no BLOCS this time :rofl: ). I picked sparkle over blocs as the site needed just to be very simple but the cookies notification and all the new EU-privacy-stuff.

sparke just had an update and is now GPDR ready:

they make it easy to add this feature into the website:

as blocs is still my number 1 I would love to share that update of sparkle with you and inspire you maybe consider something similar for blocs? what do you think?

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Thanks for the heads-up about Sparkle (it’s been installed for ages on my machine, but I have yet to bother with it). The article about privacy is a good read.

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this is something worth checking. I am testing it as we speak on a website.

it’s free for 1 website, it’s paid solution for more then that.

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If the site you created was very simple, why does it use cookies at all?


I just followed the new rules by the EU from may 25th. we have a newsletter added into the one-pager, so the privacy based on GDPR need to be added

I recommend to buy the version (same price as blocs) and support those independent tools. I hope blocs and sparkle will be with us for a long time while adobe kills their newcomers out of the sudden …

yes, the article was a good read. blocs is a very grown-up tool, sparkle feals more like a toy. but it is very helpful. I recommend to check it out again …

Sparkle was originally suggested to me as a tool for building IOS app design demos/prototypes rather than as a web development tool. I have come across people who have made Sparkle their tool of choice for web development. Blocsapp has nothing to fear…

If your website doesn’t use cookies, you don’t need a cookie pop up. And with the additions @Norm added to the contact form, this is also covered. Still don’t understand why you prefere Sparkle over Blocs and recommend this in this forum.

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The announcement from Sparkle is potentially very misleading and could end with Sparkle web site owners facing big fines for being under the impression that their Sparkle site is GDPR compliant. You simply cannot expect to tick one box and expect a web site to become GDPR compliant.

It just shows more miss information about what is required. As inStacks mentions, you may not need to do anything to be compliant or you may need to do a great deal and Sparkle does not have the tools to make this happen. The irony is that the new feature, adds a Cookie! It looks they have done a good and quite thorough job of doing the important GDPR stuff such as a cookie notice, local Google Fonts, no referrers, contact form tick box, etc., and their website tests out compliant at which is always a good sign.

IMHO Blocs leads the whole web creation App market by adding the most comprehensive set of tools to become GDPR compliant in certain important areas.

Slightly off topic, but checking out the new Sparkle site reminded me that it doesn’t create responsive web sites which is an absolute showstopper IMHO.


I understand the enthusiasm for the no referrer meta data, however I’m wondering if this will break site functionality in some circumstances. For example I sell online and the shopping cart will only accept orders that come through my domain. All other domains are blacklisted by default, so if this meta tag blocks that referral to the shopping cart I suspect it would be impossible to make any sales.

Also for anybody who has an affiliate link on a website I wonder if it would interfere with that as well.

It’s not a solution for every site and may well break functionality in those specific cases. It’s so easy to add in, that it’s within most users ability I would think.

I’ve been wondering whether or not to enable HSTS, which is mentioned as an issue in the webbkoll link above. At present I have Lets Encrypt on all sites, but some domains are with CloudFlare, where I can enable HSTS. This is supposed to much improve the security, but comes with a risk that the site will become unreachable if https is not active for any reason. In theory it would improve load times, because it would no longer need the https redirect inside the htaccess.

thx for your reply, … BUT as you said yourself “off topic”.

I didnt’t want to discuss SPARKLE in that forum or make a pro / con for that tool. my post is about the easy access of f.e. cookies-notifications like in sparkle as a suggestion towards the blocs team.

in no point I recommended sparkle in this forum. we all can use all kind of tools to achive our or our clients goals. as both tools are build by independent enthusiasts I feel free to support both.

it is strange that you judge me here in that peaceful environment #facepalm

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thx, I will check that and try it with blocs …

Yet …

You kind of did yourself. :wink:

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bravo! :clap:

If you check again you will notice it does. You have to select the breakpoints (under the icon called “Device”) as it defaults to the desktop breakpoint when starting off a new project.

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