[Probably a bug] Cyrillic fonts do not change when previewing in the application

BP 4.2.2.

The situation is as follows - select the block - created by using the strandard font. Add the text in Russian. Change the font - and nothing happens.
Enclosing the text in Russian for the test, which I used.

Лорем ипсум долор сит амет, симул еурипидис адолесценс цу пер, иисяуе дицерет дефиниебас сед ид. Нец ад партем хабемус епицуреи. Порро фуиссет нецесситатибус цу еум, вис те оффициис инвидунт репрехендунт. Солута фацилисис губергрен вим ех, нец те уллум делецтус луптатум.

If the text is in English - then immediately in the preview shows the new type of fonts. But if the font Cyrillic - no change. To see how the text will look like in the end you have to go to the preview in the browser - which is not very convenient.

This is a big problem - because the size of the Russian text is highly dependent on the font, which obviously creates conflicts in the design.
This situation is repeated in all my projects.

This is a bug? Or I do something wrong?

It may have something to do with whether the fonts are installed on your computer or whether they are being grabbed from the web. Not sure if it is the problem, but may be worth checking.

I use the standard fonts built into the program. Even when I use them, nothing changes.

I tested this with the free “Inter” font (which has Cyrillic glyphs) and it works as seen in the screenshot. The font is installed locally.