Problem blinking parallax chrome


Hi there is a strange blinking problem in chrome when using parallax.

I uploaded a video here…

the website is here


Mmm… Interesting. It looks the same on my computer as well. Everything fine in Safari, but Chrome acts strange. I am not sure what causes it. I recommend to submit it as a bug via the Blocs app, so @Norm could get a look at it.


The parallax effects in blocs are very simple, the repainting issue could also be a chrome bug. The css is graphics card intensive so Depending on how much work is required to load the site and it’s assets this my also effect it. I’ll take a look.


It’s the sam here. Only Chrome. And only with a certain project.
Norm I’ll send you the file.

I forgot to mention that I’m on MacOS Mojave.
I’ll test it on High Sierra within the hour.

Edit #2:
Same on HS.


Thanks Norm.

The problem only seems to be in the latest version of Blocs…