Problem displaying website

Hi all,

I am totally new and in this field of experience I have none, I purchased Blocs Plus to be able to create websites, which was a simple stand alone program, which this seems to be.

I have created a site which is hosted through Fasthosts, I have created it in Blocs Plus and I have uploaded it with FileZilla to my site, all of the exported files (created by Blocs Okus) have uploaded correctly with no errors.

When I come to view the site nothing displays and in the web inspectors, it is saying that the files and images are not found? even though they have uploaded OK.

I have spoken to the hosting company who say have I checked the code, this is where I get completely out of my depth and I have no idea what to look at as I thought Blocs created this for me on export.

I don’t know what to do or where to go with this as it is not working.

Thank for any help on this.

Hi Chris, not sure this will help, but the structure should be that all of your pages, resources, fonts etc should be within a public folder. Mine looks like this:

Have you been able to resolve the issue? It looks all fine to me.

Thanks TrevReav,

Thanks for that it has been very helpful to me and I think I have now resolved my issues.

Thanks again for you help and assistance.

Kind regards

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Hi Jerry,

I think I have resolved everything now it appears to be working for me.

Thanks again for you help and assistance.

Kind regards

Looks to be working now.
Pleased to see.