Problem/Question with Modal Bric


some question and Problems with Modal Bric.

When I set a button for example glossy and do an gradient color …open the Modal bric and close the pop up the button is grey… but I (think) I set a right ? Any ideas? ( NOT that Button in the pop up ) …

The Button:
Click …

After closing the pop up the button look like this:


Please ! Notice! Its only a example :smile:

When I delete a Modal Bric it don´t go away from the tree ? The Column still there ? After restart the Projekt it goes away … Not to see in the Page , only in the tree …

When I have a Icon in the nav bar, for example a phone and want by clicking the icon it opens a model bric , then I have to put the modal bric in the global area ?! but than I can choose any ID of the modal bric ? When I do it in the dynamic area it work?



To fix the problem number 1:

You have not only to set a class for the button ( for example glossy ) you also have to choose a color in the inspector … not important wich color, but not transparent.

To fix the problem number 3:

Put the Modal Bric in the dynamic Area. Than set the button ( or Icon ) in the nav bar to that ID of the modal bric. After that put the bric in the global area ( tree ) than it works.