PROBLEM: Two Accordians side-by-side, both unfold

I have two Accordians side-by-side. The problem is when I click a link in one accordion, the other one unfolds too as shown below. How do I fix this?

Hello @JDW that only happens to me if I put 2 accordions in a same column, if you put them in different columns and change their ID names, they works separately.

They are indeed inside two different columns, and yes I did change the ID of the DIV container for each. Both Columns are inside the same Row, if that matters.

Not sure the best way to save just a single page from my document, so I exported as a Template. Looks strange when you use it, but you can test it just fine in Blocs Preview. Here it is:

dealers (120.0 KB)


Here’s another accordion you can try.
It’s two accordions in two columns.

Sample file: (18.9 KB)

Cheers / Johny


I had this problem when I duplicate an accordion or duplicate accordion elements. In my case I fixed this by inserting a new accordion brick in the second column.

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@Jakerlund Thank you for your suggestion, but @eagle had it spot-on. I duplicated and had the problem, which is clearly a bug that I shall now report to @Norm.



Patched and ready for build 4.

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