Problem using Brics


I did today the Blocs update 3.4.6 and since than I’m not able to use Bric like Sticky Alert, Cookie Consent or Scroll FX Extras…
Am I the only one to experience this problem? (I did try various things like clean install, restart, etc etc…)
I would really appreciate if anybody could help…

Hi Andrea,

Try updating to the 3.4.7. I just tried it, and everything works fine. Also, try to reboot your Mac/Blocs, usually it solves 90% of issues.


Thank You Eldar… I will try that :+1:t2:

Hi Eldar,

I did as you suggested + I did delete even all Brics and made a fresh install…
unfortunately my problem still there.
As you can see on my Pic. the Bric Sticky Alert is selected but inserted is the last Bric I’ve used, in this case Modal.

Ciao, Andrea

Not sure what’s happening here then. Maybe you should submit the bug report.

Hi Eldar,
I hope you and your family are all well during this crazy Corona times…
During the past weeks I had time to work-out my site and I would really appreciate (if you feel like) to have a look at it.

Very best regards,

This can sometimes happen. When placing a bric, once it’s in position hit the ESC key to unload the bric from your cursor. Then select the new bric you wish to add. As a matter of routine, I always hit the ESC key after inserting brics.

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Thanks :+1:t2::blush:

Hello Andrea,

I have only checked your site on my iPad for now, and it looks like it’s not functioning well. Especially, the navigation is not opening on click. Also, I would highly recommend to set up a secure HTTPS connection (SSL certificate).

Because menu didn’t work for me, I wasn’t able to check other pages yet. I will do that later.


Hi Eldar,
the navigation works only if you agree with the Cookies… after that it should be fine…

Oh, I see. I am not sure if it’s a logical way to do it, but maybe that’s just me. I think the cookie message is not clear enough for visitors to 100% know that they need to ‘close’ it, in order to browse the website.

You probably are right… I did change that and made it simple.