Problem with footers

Hi all,

I’m having a heck of a time fixing a footer to the bottom of a page.

I saw two threads and I must be doing something wrong, so hopefully someone can guide me a bit here.

In one thread I ready about making a dynamic block set to full screen - well, great but it pushes the footer beyond the bottom of the screen so if I have a page with very little content on it, you have to scroll to see the footer.

In another thread, it talked about using .navbar-fixed-bottom and that didn’t seem to work either…

Any tips?

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the best position for the footer is the bottom global area

That’s not the issue - it is in the bottom global area - it’s not staying at the bottom of a screen when the website is displayed if there is not enough content in the dynamic area to fill the screen and if the dynamic area block is set to pad for full screen, it makes the footer way below the bottom of the screen where you have to scroll to it, even if there is little content on the main page.

yes, you’re correct, usually I have at least 2 blocs in the dynamic area, so it fills the browser all the way and have never encountered this before. maybe somebody will have a solution for you here on the forum.

How do you get the 2nd block to “just fill” the extra space and not push the footer beyond the bottom of the displayed browser window with different screen resolutions? Like so, on an extreme example, you have a page with a single short paragraph on it, whether displayed at 800x600 or 1920x1080 the footer always ends at the bottom of that window? But of course would still extend if there is a lot of content for the dynamic space.