Problem with local fonts with Firefox

Hi, I am a new BLOCS user. So far I have worked with Dreamwaever and Muse. I created my first website with BLOCS. I use local webfonts (TT Corals). When viewed in the browser (Safari and Google Chrome) everything is okay. Firefox does not display the correct font. Does anyone have a solution?
Here the link to the website:

Many Thanks.

For me they look identical.

On a side note Firefox is very good on security so you can occasionally experience cross origin issues with server hosted fonts. That can generally be fixed with some htaccess code.

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For me not!

Open the page inspector in preview and you will see 6 errors for fonts URL. The URLs look like they are not correct to me so check those and try to eliminate these errors.

Many thanks for the answer. Good idea. I checked everything and found something strange. But I have no solution.