Problem with Menu bar ( Very Weird)

Hello! Im having some problems with my menu bar and I don’t really know what is going on!
So the menu works good on the pages fully created on blocs like for example here:

But in some other pages like for example the home page I had to add some external code to connect a search engine to the page but some how this code is getting out of place my menu

And if I click on the page this happens.

Does anyone have any idea of why this is happening?

I would say the code your using to bring in those widgets is using CSS classes that are overriding your classes.

Have a look using the dev tools in safari or the like.

If that’s the case you may have to create some custom classes of your own. Particularly on the Navigation.


You are on a roll @Stewie_Griffin :wink:

Im no expert, but it appears its trying to call a value from a non-existent function. So you are probably missing some code. Is there anything that hasn’t loaded?

You still could be having a CSS override issue as well??

the only code I didn’t add was this one:
<?php $rwdgate->getSection('FOOTER'); ?>
But there is also this one
<?php echo $rwdgate->getSection('HEAD'); ?> but this site doesn’t work if I remove it.

I’m shooting in the dark here. But maybe that footer has scripts. What happens if you load it.

the same when I load the footer. So weird! By the way do you know if I will be available to add some code into the bricks to remove this ugly header? They told me it have to be done by code

I tried some I found online but they don’t work!