Problem with PT Sans Font in Chrome/Safari/Mobile

Hi all! I’m building my first-ever Blocs site. I am having some trouble with the font PT Sans Narrow. It defaults to Helvetica in some instances in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. See attached. You can compare the difference.



A colleague looked at the style sheet and said the font is listed in double quotes. I’m a n00b and have no idea what that means. The font mainly appears in buttons used as links with a hover effect. It also showed up differently in headers in Safari/Chrome. But in other instances it was fine! So I am really confused.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you

EDIT: adding screencap from Firefox (see below)

Do you have a URL for a published page?

The site will go live Monday, so no ;( it’s embargoed.

Just tested and looks like you have found a Blocs Bug. It does put the two sets of quotes around the font name.
I would suggest you open a ticket (help, contact customer support) from Blocs.
@Norm will let you know.

OK thank you very much for your help!