Problems in beta2 encountered: imports BEX & problems to save

I’m using version 2.5.1 b2 and I have the following problems:

  1. after a while that work I try to save the project. At the top appears “Blocs is working, this may …” but the window does not disappear and the job is not saved. (so it’s lost) … this forces you to save for every operation.Senza titolo

  2. amount a BEX file and remove all the check (use in promary menu, scroll to top button, bottom global area …) but blocs does not respect the choices and it is as if you left all the active ticks.

who had the same problems?

I had a problem when it took much longer to safe a project then before. After saving, I closed blocs and opened my project again. Everything went fine after that. I thought this problem came because I added a large background to my hero page. (I was playing with some options, so I didn’t mind).

Yes, I save often, I close and reopen the App … but this is a bug

  1. How big is the project? Do you get this problem consistently with this project? No other reports of this save bug right now.

  2. I’m not sure what you mean? Did you use a page template and set the settings in page settings and they didn’t save?

  1. the problem also returns with other projects. I can not replicate the problem but I have to save often.
    When the window appears, save “Blocs is working, this could …” and does not close, the only way to close it and open the project in the browser with the hotkeys. But anyway the project is not saved.

  2. I work on a project. I create the .bex template to use it on other projects.
    I open other projects and load the previously saved .bex template.
    Click on “+” and on the imported template and on the left, remove all the items.
    At this point I will add the template as a page in my project.
    The problem is that in my project it adds blocks both in the head and in the footer and it should not do it (because I have removed the cues).

Norm forgive me if I’m not very clear … my English is certainly not at the Top …

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Ok I’ll take a look at this, Im just preparing Blocs 2.5.1 for public release tomorrow, so I’ll see if I can track these down and replicate the issues.

Do you get this warning, when adding your page? If you do clicking cancel will prevent the templates global area content being added.

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