Problems with adding local fonts

Hi, I would like to add some font of montserrat. I can not select the fonts when opening the window. as soon as I press the open button, only the top font will added. Is that a mistake or where is the problem?

The local webfont importer is not setup to handle multiple weights etc all from a single directory.

Each weight should be placed in its own folder and I’d recommend including a woff or eot version to go along with each one.

I’ll be adding woff2 support and a few other improvements next week at some point.


Ok i understand :disappointed: But some fonts are not integrated correctly.

Poop, ok I’ll take a look, and try and get this ready for the next beta.


Ok this is fixed and ready for build 6 :sunglasses:

Im hoping to work on the multi import support too, but that might take a little longer.


I’ve just finished adding support for multiple font weight import from a single directory. Build 6 tomorrow :sunglasses:


Hi Norm, it looks like that same issue still persists:

I’m not able to select any of the local web fonts.

I’m using Blocs 3.1.2