Problems with animations!

Greetings to all, I’m adding blocsapp animations to a page, but apparently the animations are loaded all together instead of one by one!

In other versions, it added an animation to the text and was only displayed when it reached the point where the animation was applied! but not now! when entering the page, all animations are loaded at the same time.

I am using blocsapp v3.4.3!

I have the scroll fx enabled in the same way, but it doesn’t work!! All animations are in different blocks!

in the same way, I see a double jump of animation


Any comments would be very helpful!! thanks

Hi Nelo,

I can see the problem you’re describing on your web site, but I’m not encountering this problem on my web site using animations and built with v3.4.3. My animations take effect only when they come into view on the web page, The animation objects are only short length header text and small images. Maybe create a test project and try adding various animation types to see what happens? Btw, I’m not using Scroll FX feature.

I did have a problem with double animations last year.

For me, delaying the animation and/or using a preloader seemed to help. Also, moving animations below the initial web page view seemed to help. Not sure if the original double animations problem still exists. I moved all my animations below the initial web page view, so not seeing double animations anymore.

Good luck with resolving your problem. :slight_smile: