Problems with hero in B3

Hey guys, in B2 I did make a site with a hero with a nav-toggle and two social media icons. After migration to B3 the icons disappear. And the problem is, I can’t do the same in Blocs 3. Any ideas to solve the problem? Thanks.

you can see the site here:

Hi Ralf @RME

Simply tick the Include Content Area (right hand side) and add your social icons.


Hey @MDS. unfortunately I. did try it before. But this is the result:

Hi Ralf,

I think this is how you can do that in Blocs 3.



Hi Eldar,
thanks :+1: This is a good solution. But why it is so complicated to design the navigation in blocs :-/

As nice as Bloc 3 is, its still no piece of cake using the Navigation.

I struggle sometimes also.


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