Problems with .webp-vs-.jpg images

It seems that with the newest versions of Blocs (I’m using 5.0.6) that somehow Blocs is changing images from .jpg to .webp? I say that because many images are now not loading in the browser, and the error log indicates that the browser is looking for .webp image file types. I haven’t saved/used any .webp formats so no idea why this is happening or how to resolve it. (See screenshot below also)

PS: I reverted back to a backed up version of the website where all the images load - until I get this issue resolved. Then I’ll upload the updates.

Firstly, I would suggest if you’re using Blocs for commercial sites, like any software, you need to keep up with its development.

Blocs has an option that you can opt out of in your export settings, that will generate webp images, and create the proper fall back markup for OS’s that don’t support that format.

By the looks of your errors, you haven’t uploaded all the images to your server.

It’s documents in the Blocs docs

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Thank you! I have been a Blocs user for a number of years now but do most of my development these days in Wordpress. The sites I built with Blocs I still maintain using Blocs and unfortunately, I don’t get a lot of time to peruse all the blocs documentation. I use the user forum when I get stuck. Thank you again for your help! I appreciate it. - Randy

To be fair,

I also have this problem, but seems to be intermittent and maybe some form of caching issue.

When I use WebP, some images do not display, and fail to load resource 404. However when you enter the url of the image, sometimes it loads, sometimes it doesn’t. then if you refresh, it usually loads the image and then it will load on the website.

I have disabled WebP for now and will stick to jpg

Ever tried to clear your browser cache? Sounds more like a caching issue to me than anything else.


yep, did that right away… thanks tho!