Project is not saved

Blocs is blocked when saving a project, it has happened to me in two different projects, one advanced and one new, it just hangs and does not save any changes, I had to forcefully close blocks to continue working and therefore reacer the blocks they are not saved, if anyone knows any solution to the problem I will thank them! since that makes me feel somewhat irritated !!!

I’m already investigating another case related to this. What version of Blocs? What version of MacOS? And do you have any HTML widgets on your page?

Also are you using an external drive or iCloud to store the file?

I am using version 2.5.0 of pads

MacOS saw system

I do not have any widget, what I had was only 2 blocks, a hero and another block of text that was the only thing in the project

The eta project on the desktop of the local disk

Forcibly close the project to be able to continue continuing.

Is it works no fine now?

What version of MacOS? High Sierra??

After forcing the output of blocks is going well again, I do not know why it happened with the new project, now I’m more advanced with the project I hope it does not happen again!

Well I cant replicate the save issue, but I’ve added a few fail safes to the save mechanism in 2.5.1 so if it does fail it might give me a better idea as to why it’s failing for you when it does, The beta for the version will be available later today.


I am also experiencing this. I just lost about 1-1/2 hours of work.

once again, today: worked for 20 minutes, cmd+s to save my work and Blocs hangs! Can’t even close it by clicking “quit blocs”. I am starting to get a bad feeling about my choice of using Blocs. Will now try to finish my project in Pinegrow.

Hi Gary,

Sorry to hear that, these types are issues are pretty rare, with more information it may be something I can get a patch fix issued for.

Regarding your project, are you adding much additional code snippets? I cant help but think the issue is project related and may be down to some content being added to your site.

nope, no code snippets …