Project Won't Preview Or Open In Broswer After 2.5.0 Update

I updated to the newest version of Blocs last night, then went in to work on a project. Now when I try to preview it (Tried Chrome, Firefox & Safari) all I get is the loading icon, but nothing comes up.

I exported the project and tried opening pages directly in a browser and that does not work either.

I opened some other projects to check them and they preview and export just fine, so it is something in the one project.



Your probably going to have to do a hard reset with your browser. I’ve had the same thing happen.


Yeah you can either switch off the spinner in project settings are flush the browser and server cache.

Same thing happened to me but in Chrome only.

I turned off use a preloader and that seemed to work. Will clear my browser cache and see if that works also. This project has not been uploaded to a host server yet.