Prototype on PS, Sketch, XD first..or just go full Blocs?

I know Blocs is easy to make websites and anyone can do it. However, from a design point of view, do you guys think to visualize your idea better before entering the world of Blocs, is it better to create a vision, prototype in any of these apps such PS, Sketch or XD? will it be too much work or will I need to be careful when doing a prototype because Blocs is based in BS4 so I should follow Blocs layout rules etc…?

What about a import option in Blocs to import pages (artboards or such) into Blocs? how that will work out?

@Eldar has a video with his design process, starting on an iPad.

I think the biggest restriction is knowing how to implement your design. And those are skills that just take time to develop. But if your not pushing the limits of your skill base they don’t develop either.

In my opinion it comes down to creating a workflow that works for you.

I remember the days of making sites in photoshop and slicing it up, and having to make mobile and desktop versions. I’m really grateful for the frameworks we have now.


Well, I mean, I can create great UIs for my clients in PS, XD and Sketch but when I go to Blocs I founded that feels different from what I wanted. Maybe I have to study more Blocs functionality and the framework to match the prototype… I hope I explained myself well…

It’s not the same to design a prototype than to create a Blocs website because the technical part and functions

I’d say you should have at least an idea of how the website you’re going to created is supposed to look. For that, pen & paper will do. I don’t hassle with just another app to create a perfect sketch with all the details of fonts and paddings and whatnot. I just sketch a rough idea of what I want where on desktop, tablet, smartphone after I know what content I would like to present.

I might be trying different font combinations in Pages, with some text, just to see how it looks before I add customs fonts to Blocs. So, nothing fancy here. Main work is done in Blocs.

I’m a relatively new Blocs user, just since January, but I started out just mucking around in Blocs to find out what it could do and what it’s limitations were, compared to Muse, which I used beforehand.
Some bits are more difficult to do, some bits a lot easier (just getting things to be responsive every time is the BIIIIIIG bonus for me, rather than spending loads of time amending work already done).
However, once finding out the basics, I always start with a pencil and paper, then maybe onto Photoshop/Illustrator, then into Blocs. If I get a thought which is out of the Blocs box, I’ll see if it’s possible. But pencil and paper are the bits I use constantly.

Sometimes a brain gets involved also.
Sometimes in general life also.

Best of luck.