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Dear all,

I have a doubt about publishing a website I’ve designed for a language school and I’ve been trying to find a solution on my own for weeks, but it’s been impossible, so any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.

The school’s website hadn’t been updated in years and I was asked to create a completely new one from scratch, but maintain one of the existing pages. Thing is, the school’s main website had been online for a long time until one day they decided to introduce some sort of customer loyalty programme where students would be awarded points depending on what they did during the course. The points are added to a student card and this page was added to the existing website so students would able to check their balance. Its design is completely different and it looks like it was created by a different person and they just “attached” it to the existing server.

My question is, can I publish the new website I created with Blocs via Cyberduck and keep this page (and its database) the way it is? How can I do that?

I’m a basic user, I can manage FTP clients quite well, I think, but I wanted to hear from you before messing up their information.

Sorry about the long post and thanks in advance!

Hi @jcapel,

Yes you should be able to do this. I would suggest you make a complete backup of everything on the server including any databases before you proceed, even if your confident, it’s a good practise.

Do you know how the student point system works? Is it using a CMS, is it connected to an actual database? Or a just some flat file setup? You first need to know what files you need to keep on the server to preserve the student point system.

Then remove all the old website files and upload your new one. Also being an old site I would suggest setting up some 301 redirects for major pages of the old site to the new one.

If you want to outsource the migration feel free to PM me. Or ask more questions here.

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Hi @Malachiman,

Thanks a lot for the quick reply! I’m happy to know it’s possible.

I will absolutely make a complete backup before attempting anything. I know very little about the system, I work for them remotely and the developer who designed it is not really willing to cooperate (understandably, I guess), and my biggest problem is that I’m not sure exactly what I need to preserve and how exactly I will link it to the new website.

I’ll PM you in a while, thanks again.

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