Published Page Logo Issue

Hi everyone,

It is been a while I am trying to solve this issue somehow but I couldn’t make it work.

The issue is the logo itself on the navigation panel. It does not appear on the website when i published and there is only “?” inside a square.

Can anyone please help me to sort this frustrating issue?

Thank you.

Hi @Yozerkah, any change you have the site live somewhere?

Hi @Jerry ,

here is the website online at the moment:

Hi @Yozerkah. Looks like you’ve a broken or dead link:

When I look at that in Safari tools it indicates a very strange url path before showing the 404 not found error.*phpOpenTag*/%20if(get_theme_mod(theme_logo_img))%7Becho%20esc_url(%20get_theme_mod(%20theme_logo_img%20));%7Delse%7Becho%20get_template_directory_uri()./img/Logo1.png?%3E

It is my first experience that I am building a website and I have decided to use free hosting from infinity free website. Do you think that do I need to get a Wordpress hosting instead free one ? Is free hosting causes this kind of issues?

@Flashman @Jerry

Hi, @Yozerkah. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with that question. I stay far away from WordPress. I have already enough headaches without. :grin: Maybe @brechtryckaert, the WordPress Guru on the Forum can shine some light here.

Perhaps we should turn this around slightly and ask if there is a reason why you want this to be WordPress, rather than a simple Blocs site? Is there some particular functionality that can only be obtained through WordPress? If not this is likely to be a whole lot easier to build and maintain without it. There is nothing I could see on your site so far that could not be easily achieved by Blocs.

On the question of hosting, anything free like that is likely to come with compromises. If you are selling yourself as a cinematographer and photographer potential clients are judging you on the standard of your presentation, which not only includes your portfolio, but also the general site appearance, stability and speed of loading. I used to be a professional photographer, so I have been down this road before.


@Yozerkah could you share your Blocs file with me so I can take a look for you?

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I too am having the same problem, blocs does not export the logo function correctly to
Any update on this issue yet

/phpOpenTag/ if(get_theme_mod( is the issue it needs to be replaced by <?php if(get_theme_mod(