Question about custom classes and button mouse hover

Question #1:

I’d like my button to change background colour upon mouse hover. So far, I’ve linked the button to a custom class and changed the normal, hover, and active state colours. However, when previewing it in Google Chrome, the hover colour doesn’t show?

Normal State:

Hover State: It’s supposed to be dark blue

Question #2:

When using custom classes hover states, do I have to change the text font for every single state?


  1. It looks like you forgot to set the opacity slider to 100% for the color of the hover state.
  2. You only have to change the text for the normal state (if you want to change) But you “can” change the hover state text if you for example have a almost white text on normal and want the button text to go full white on hover.


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@Jakerlund The opacity slider is set to 100% but the background colour still doesn’t show?

100% even on the hover state?

@Jakerlund Yea it was but not anymore. I’ve somehow got it to work. Could’ve possibly been a bug.

@Moody It’s easy to simply forget some setting.
When things don’t work as I expect I backtrace, start a new project and redo just the thing that was the problem.
It’s easier to see if and where things go wrong that way. :sunglasses: