Question about Purchasing Blocs

I just found out about Blocs and have been reading through the forum, and I am really impressed with both the community and the software (I read through the docs, watched the videos, and also looked at what was available on youtube).

I have been using Bootstrap Studio, which is somewhat similar - except that Blocs seems to be much easier to use and much better put together. Front end web development is not my typical role, so I seem to get rusty quickly when bouncing back and forth. To me it seems like it would be much easier to pick projects back up and jump right in with Blocs.

It is my understanding that Blocs 2 has been out for a while and that there is a new Version 3 on the horizon. I would like to purchase Blocs, but would hate to purchase it now, and then have to purchase it again when the new version came out within the same year.

Is there a certain length of time after a version is purchased that a newly released version would be made available also? I’m just hoping to avoid buying Blocs twice in one year.

Thanks for any info, and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Hey welcome and thanks for the kind words about Blocs and it’s community :+1:

Blocs 3 is indeed coming out at some point this year, but we don’t have an exact date yet but we are roughly aiming for May/Jun/July time but anything can happen it may be September before I feel it’s stable enough. It will be privately tested by the communities v2 license holders during its beta.

When it’s released we will honour 1 month previous to the release for free upgrades for anyone who purchased Blocs before.

There will also be a discounted upgrade path for current v2 license holders.

I should also add Blocs 2 will continue to receive updates until Blocs 3 is released.

I hope this helps.


Ok, so this was a pretty old message, but I felt bad that I did not give a response and I just wanted to thank you for the reply.

I just purchased my Blocs 2 license and I am looking forward to using it.

Thanks again for a great product.