Question about Safari issues

My web site is heavy on images but it seems to load fairly quickly on Firefox, Opera, Chrome. However it sometimes stalls (or is just really really slow on Safari). I deleted line 18 on the js file (pertaining to Safari).

Is there something else I should do? Could it be a server issue? Host is

All the images are optimized with JPEGMini. I know I should go back and redo the big carousel images into 1-3x versions (another day).

website is

Thanks in advance.

Your site opened in about 1 second here on Safari. I’m on a fast 76mbps connection on a desktop computer. No doubt it would be slower on my old phone, but everything is.

I agree with Flashman, opened almost instantly.

Ok, good to know its working ok. Thanks for checking. Must be our connection. No broadband in this remote location, just wifi from Verizon.

I get a very fast loading time too!
Great looking website by the way.

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forget the website…those DOGS are amazing…wish I could provide a home for one!

and, yes, your site is excellent, too…nice job! Opened straight away on my MacBook Pro :+1:


Thanks everyone. Blocs is amazing–once I got past the initial mistakes (user error on my end). Also appreciate the wonderful support from this forum, very helpful.