Question on upload website


I have uploaded my website and everything has gone smoothly.

One question, when I update the site and I need to upload it once more, shall I first of all delete the “old” one or can I just overwrite it?


A lot to the FTP clients let you sync the new export with the server. I use Yummy FTP Pro and it looks for updated content and only syncs what’s new.


Yummy is OK.
Cyberduck is OK.

I again strongly recommend ChronoSync.
A tool for synchronization, Bootable backups, FTP upload etc.
Livelong upgrades.

… and 15 day trial.
… and multilingual.

I use Viper and I just over write old files…I found it was the same when I use FileZilla.

I personally use Filezila for all sites. Basically uploading/overwriting only the files that are updated.

If i have need to change something in footer or top nav then it need to be overall overwritten :smiley: