Read-More & image shapes?

Hi folks,
Please forgive a nooby question but I was not able to find this on the forum. Just about to try out blocs but hoping someone can answer 2 important questions. I am an artist and very much not a coder and wondering if Blocs can do this-

  1. I need a common Read-More function (where extra text is revealed after clicking). Is there a brick or some simple code that I can EASILY cut and paste to make a “more…”

  2. As an artist it is vital my images retain their original proportions / aspect ratio. I simply can’t misrepresent them as all being square or landscape oriented. I don’t mind entering the images one at a time in order to accomplish this. Can this be done EASILY?
    Thanks Barry

Hearing no answer I assume the answer is no to both.

But wait! This morning I see that norm has used a read-more function at the intro to the forum! Yay. Now surely the forum was made with blocks???

Still, I would really like to know if anyone has actually used a “more” with Sparkle. Thanks. I just can’t see how to do it.

There is a video by Eldar that Killian posted. That explains the read more function.

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You can explicity set an image size, so it really is a question of what EASILY means!

If you show a panel/gallery of images in different sizes it will generally look a mess, so I would not support your assertion in all circumstances. I regularly crop image thumbnails to have a common aspect ratio.

Several years back I made a website for a photographer who also held the belief that images should be shown in thumbnails at the original aspect ration. He was very happy when I used a common size for the thumbnails. The crops as thumbnails showed more detail than shrinking down the full size image and the crop acted as a teaser to invite people to look at the full-size version.


If you just set the width of an image, blocsapp seems to keep the height in proportion.

Thanks Bootsie and Pauland for both questions being answered! The “more” video is a major help- just need to try it out now.
That was good advise Pauland as well and I’m glad I can keep the images messy and true! I will consider making the images similar but that is a tough one for me.
Appreciate the help…