REALLY need a solution to this, it's getting embarrassing now

I’ve asked about this before but no solution was offered…

I can’t find a way preventing landscape iPads from seeing the desktop view of my website. It may be me, it may be Blocs.

The reason it’s important is I’m using Bloc’s parallax feature on the desktop version. Which as we all know doesn’t work on mobile devices.

So, this is how it’s set…

And this is what I get…

Please tell me it’s me!!!


But it is usual that the iPad landscape view will display desktop, isn’t it? You need a solution to prevent displaying the parallax feature on iOS Safari browsers.

Not just iOS browsers.

It’s not Blocs. Your setup should work fine on tablet (landscape) but when you rotate to portrait it will make the three pictures very small. You need to select the 3 picture row and in the side bar there are two views, the second is display images vertical. Then the three pictures will display one at a time.

The parallax feature on the desktop version works fine but on the tablet it becomes a static image.


The picture row you mention is not an issue.

The mangled parallax images are. It looks ridiculous.

So if it’s not Blocs, what am I doing wrong?

You have to design around this. As BlocsAsddon correctly pointed out, iPad landscape is considered desktop width. My advice is to remove the parallax effect and just use a single image.

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I hear what you say, but… why have a parallax feature at all when it can’t be used on a whole class of device?

There are over a billion tablets out there. None of which can see my website correctly, apparently.

It seems just a little bit silly.

Just because a feature exists it doesn’t mean that you have to use it for your application. Good design is using a design that everyone can see on all devices. IMHO parallax effects are dated and often problematic on slow older devices.

I’m not saying I have to use it, I’m saying I can’t.

It seems pretty pointless Blocs having the so-called ‘feature’ when it can’t be seen on over a billion devices.

Tant pis, as we say round here.

That is not a Blocs App issue. Parallax effects are not supported on iOS browsers, but should still display the image.

Only because iOS does not support parallax effects should not lead to not giving us the possibility to use that feature.

I would agree with you, if it worked.

If iPads could be prevented from seeing non-functioning areas of desktop content, it would be a useful feature.

Google can tell me how many iPads access my websites because it can identify devices. Apple’s own website handles parallax on different devices, showing it or not, according to device.

I expected Blocs to be able to do similar, and show/hide content appropriately.

So I’m having to compromise the desktop version so it will work on iPads, where I didn’t want to use it anyway.

Blocs does a lot of things but it can’t do everything. It’s possible to write browser/OS specific CSS but its not something I’d add controls for in Blocs.

Before I continue, I should mention it’s possible to change anything with Blocs by writing your own CSS code tweaks and attaching the additional style sheet to a page in the page settings.

I’m not sure I fully understand the issue, in Blocs parallax is switched off on the Screen dimantions of an iPad, and below the 768 breakpoint. Maybe something in your site (an additional style etc) is preventing this or maybe your iPad screen size is different from the one targeted in the Blocs code.

When parallax switches off on mobile/tablet you get a standard background effect. Are you not getting that, I can’t tell from your screen shot?

If you can share the following I’ll do some tests:

iPad model( screen size)
Live URL with issue
Notes on what section is problematic.

If this is a weakness in Blocs, let’s work together to make Blocs even better! :sunglasses:


Hi Norm,

While I don’t have an iPad, I am beginning to think this is a real issue with Mobile Safari that may need addressing. @Ian can you install Chrome on your iPad and tell us if it renders in landscape as expected. It does here on an Android tablet, but I have an associate that says the same site on iPad is just nuts.

I am having him send me screen shots and will post again after I have a look.

The site I am using to test is

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It renders the same on both browsers. No parallax on either browsers looking at landscape mode. It shows the original full screen photo and then repeats the smaller background image with one showing the play sacrament’s and as you scroll down it show the same background with stellar facilities.


It renders fine here on Android. It also renders fine in Safari “responsive design mode” on desktop, but not as it should as iPad modes all render with parallax (sigh Apple).

I have different blocs designed to be shown on desktop versus mobile. On desktop they are semi-transparent over parallax, and on tablet and phone they have an opaque white background.

@Ian does it render correctly when the iPad is in portrait orientation?


On my iPad mini it is certainly different from landscape, which renders well - in portrait it’s missing backgrounds and if you look closely has double-rendered text (same as mine).

You also have two text boxes escaping to the right, ‘Check it out’ and ‘Subscribe’.

Same on Safari as Chrome.

Hope the helps!

Well… that is really unfortunate. Here, it all renders fine on two Android phones, two tablets, and even an old iPod Touch running iOS 6! I wouldn’t have thought that I had to physically test on an iPad but it appears that Responsive Design Mode is utterly worthless in Safari desktop… and Apple has screwed the pooch again on the iPad (BTW did you say which model you’re using?).

Still waiting for screen captures from an associate with a 9.7" Pro to see what’s going on there.

There’s a pseudo 3D thing going on on your main title, like two layers of text slightly offset.

Hi Norm, I’ll have to get back to you on Friday on this. Thanks for the text width tip, I’d never have worked that one out. Now, bizarrely, my Asset Manager has lost ALL images EXCEPT the previously missing parallax ones I sent you via Dropbox. The images remain on the canvas and publish fine though. Bizarre!

Yeah… that’s a drop shadow on the text.