Recaptcha not showing images

When you click the checkbox recaptcha doesn’t show the images for selection.
Blocs 4.5.2 - Monterey

screencast 2022-09-23 12-02-27

Not much to go on.

Live link? Errors on page etc…

There’re no errors.
It used to work fine but since a few weeks the box with the images to select is not opening.

go to Kontakt.

Worked for me. I’m only on my phone though.

You’re right. It works on iPhone but not on desktop browsers.

Have you tested other browsers? Or another desktop?

Yes. Tested all major browsers (Safari, Firefox, Google, Brave, Vivaldi, Edge) on two different desktops.

Works for me on a desktop.

Thank you Jerry.
Well … I have no idea why it doesn’t here.
I will now clean all caches in all browsers and try again.
Well …

It could’ve something to do with AdGuard.
I disabled it and it works.
But I’m not sure if this causes it.
Anyway … it works now.