Has anyone tried using reCaptcha from Google in order to secure forums against forum spammers? Where does one insert the HTML string and the two snippets of code? I am just wondering how this might be implemented with Blocs.


I just spent about 80 hours getting it to work. Add the script in the header for google api.js

Then add this:
the div for g-recaptcha" data-sitekey=“YourSiteKey” where you want the reCaptcha to appear (add as html element above the Submit button)
You have to get recaptchalib.php edit with your codes
Get the GitHub src folder which includes autoload and put in the includes folder
You have to edit the js/formHandler.js
Then edit the includes/form.php file
make sure your server is updated to PHP ver. 5.3 or above…
It ain’t simple. Then protect or backup the changed files or Blocs will overwrite them. Hope that helps.


Thanks for your help. Your 80 hours have resulted in a valuable tool! Our current website is overwhelmed with form spammers. I know that in a future version Norm will implement one of the many ways to make secure forms (hidden field, etc), but in the meantime…


Were you guys aware of this bric?