Recommended book or website on where to start with layout/design

Working with the Blocs app is like any other good app, rather intuitive, but looking at a blank page and trying to figure out a design/layout always kills me! Anybody have a recommendation on a book or website for best practices around design?

I might be old school but my design partners are: Moleskine notebook and Aurora fountain pen.

The problem with most books about web design is that they tend to be focussed on the coding aspects of web design, which isn’t really what you’re looking for - particularly if you intend to use BlocsApp as your web development platform. However, there are a few good publications about the design aspects of web sites. One that I can thoroughly recommend (although it isn’t cheap) is Sitepoint’s “Principles of Beautiful Web Design” This is a fully illustrated book that helps you with the visual design aspect, rather than the technicalities of putting a website together. You can have a preview of the book at the link I’ve provided.

A shorter online version can be viewed HERE.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look at the one online!