Recovering from DR

Hello folks, I recently had a system wipe, and the backup was not entirely successful. I’ve FTP’d my website back onto my system, but how do I import it back into Blocs? It insists on opening an existing project. I have tried creating a vanilla project, and then copying all the files from the downloaded directory into the project directory, with no avail. Any direction would be appreciated.

You will need the Blocs project file. Blocs doesn’t open HTML.

Ok, so does mean that you cannot recover a blocs site if you lose the system where Blocs is installed?

Unless you have the .blocs project file you can’t restore it. It would need to be re-created which incidentally is that big a task in Blocs if you have a live site to copy off.

Thanks – my issue is, I can’t locate the .blocs project files…searched All Files on my Mac (in Finder) - no hits. Is there an easy way to locate the main Bloc project file?

.bloc not .blocs and search “This Mac” not “All Files”

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