Recreate Bloc website from HTML Files

My Blocs file for my web site was trashed. I have all of the published files and need to recreate it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

No chance with Bocs as this app saves projects and exports those.
You can load html files with pingrow.

Just use blocs to re-create it. Should be far easier this time around.

While we’re at it, consider getting yourself a time capsule, or use another drive with time machine. You can even take very simple steps to manually duplicate the blocsapp file periodically. You can even use cloud storage to replicate files in case of HD failure.

The real lesson here is that you need to backup files and not rely on a single file as your only source. We’ve all been there and learned the hard way.

It’s been less than two weeks since time machine saved me from a similar fate with a non-blocsapp file. Instead of days of work lost I lost nothing because I could go back to the last backup where the file was intact. I have an Apple Time capsule, a separate HD for manual backups and Apple cloud replication.

One “trick” I that some people I know have used with other HTML site builders, is to save the project files on the webhost itself as a backup. In this case you’d be zipping up your blocsapp project and copying the zip file to the web host. I think that would work well for smaller sites.

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Its all about being orderly while you build the site. Keep all images in a single or a couple of folders. Maybe all within a main site folder. You can then Archive the whole thing.
Newer versions of Blocs will have more features but should be able to read everything in the older versions.

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Have all of the exported files. What I don’t have is the original BLOCS master file. I was wondering if I could in some way import the files to recreate it.

It’s not possible.

Have you got Time Machine turned on?

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