Red-designing website on Blocs from another program


I built my site with Serif and wondered how big of a job it would be to move it all over to Blocs? Ideally I’d want to keep the structure/sitemap exactly the same, all the images would be the same, pages would be very similar naming (I can use the same URL’s), but a few images and hyperlinks linking to and from my website would be broken/not included/redirected.

Anyone know the best way of merging this, the most important thing is keeping the site structure the same/similar.



Probably the biggest challenge would be adhering to the:

  • Vertical Side Menu
  • Header Area Structure, with the right sidebar overlap
  • Perceived 3 Column full height layout

But overall after a quick glance there does not appear to be anything otherwise that Blocs could not handle. By default it does not offer vertical menus currently, so you would need to work that out however you wish.

I would suggest try creating a page template and accomplish those 3 things mentioned above, along with the rest of the home page. If you can get those to your liking then the rest of the 110 (+/-) pages, look pretty standard otherwise at quick glance.

You could certainly recreate the site in Blocs, but the identical structure may not remain, and perhaps could even be improved upon in the revised rework process. I would take the opportunity if converting it, to maximize the UI/UX and improve it, where you can and would decide to. It’s a great time to reconsider and make such adjustments.

Blocs will help it be responsive also. But since it does not presently appear responsive you will need to make decisions on how the 3 columns collapse and stack in a logical fashion, again perhaps a good opportunity to rethink things overall with the site structure, etc.,

Hope something proves useful to you.

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Thats great! I wasn’t too fussed about the Navigation and 3/4 Column Doors as I know how this would work, but its good to hear your view. I was more concerned with deeper things such as linking images/hyperlinks and URL’s to match the same as previous, using redirects where needed. The UI can definitely be improved by far. I can do a lot of optimisation for it.

I created a little rough template for it at:

Thanks for the reply

You’re welcome. The link is blank for me, so I can’t see what you have done thus far.

I have since removed it lol. Thanks.