Reducing the size of CSS and Boostrap (removing unwanted code)

Hi guys, I hope you are well.
I wanted to ask a question to the experts :stuck_out_tongue: I have noticed that in my filesBootstrap and CSS are many style configurations that I am not really using on the website that I have designed. To check this I have made two versions. One with the home page only and the other with all the pages. In both cases the styles stylesheet and bootstrap are identical.

Is there a way to only export the Css and the bootstrap code that you are using on your page?. I am trying to optimise seo my site as much as possible and those to files are a bit heavy so the speed of the site it self is a bit overload.

Any ideas?

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Don’t know about CSS, it’s not possible for the core bootstrap files.

Thanks I figured about bootstrap but the css stylesheet have so much unnecessary files… :confused:

Really? About which size (gzipped) are we talking?

I mean, there is code in the CSS that is not part of the design created for my site. So I am trying to figure out how to export only the style created by me.