Reinstalling Blocs


I’ve been having some stability issues lately with the computer and had planned to do a clean install, but last night the decision was forced on me and it was another very late night. I am up and running again, but decided not to import everything from Time Machine to reduce the risk of further problems.

I have reinstalled both Blocs 2 and 3. In both cases I copied across the relevant folders from application support and preferences, so I can see all the custom brics, templates and blocs from before. In the case of Blocs 2 I can open and old project and the fonts look correct, but not in Blocs 3 and if I go to preferences none of the local fonts are present.

Is there a way to have Blocs recognise those fonts so I don’t have to import them all again one by one? There were a lot and they are present in the fonts folder of applications support. @Norm