Remove an interactions from a button or paragraph

Suppose I applied an interaction to a button or a text paragraph… I don’t see how to remove it altogether. I see how to change the interaction or the target, but nor just plain take it away. TIA

You only get interactions with something like a button or if you span some text as a link. If it’s meant to be a link then there is no way to not have a interaction.

There is another thread on the topic going on right now.


You can’t remove interactions from buttons, only change the behavior which does make sense abutton with no interaction isn’t a button really. :wink:

However, you can remove interactions from things like images.

I have buttons with text on top of an image… i don’t want the buttons to be links and have set interaction to none… however, when clicked, they bring the user to top of the page. Since you say a button must have some interaction, what should I set that to be if i want it to essentially not be a link/do nothing? Thanks!!