Remove Cookie Policy

Hi Guys,

how do I remove the tab “Cookie Policy” in the bottom right of my mobile view.

Best regards, Lars

do you use the Cookie Bric ? Can you do a screenshot please?

I ditched it because of that.

hey tom,

I have attached the screenshot above.

yes I use the Bric Builder but cannot find any settings that remove the button in the mobile view. Not even in html.

Best regards,

Hi @LarsVegas
I think this don´t work … I also ask that question na few weeks ago …
I also think a Opt-In option is important. Or change the text from cookie policy to Datenschutz …


I don’t have the bric and this is just an idea. But you could target the div and add some CCS with a media query and hide it on SM breakpoints maybe???

thx for your help. How can I change cookie policy to Datenschutz? I don’t found this.


sorry. my english is not so good. I mean that this is my wish list. A cookie brick with opt-in and also change the text of the button for example in “Datenschutz”. It is not possible at this time. But you can use this code and do the cookie message …there you have no button at the bottom of the page …

You can choose the position and color and so on …

Best regards tom