Remove hyperlink from Company name and logo

I added a Navigation Bloc (second choice from the left) to the Global Area atop the page. That puts “Company” text and a colorful logo in the left side of the header. When selected, I see a little “A” tab in the top left of that box. It would seem that “A” indicates the selected box contains a clickable hyperlink. The problem is I don’t want the company name and logo to be clickable. I want an SVG logo and text name, but I do NOT want a link on them. It’s frustrating that there is no popup menu choice in the right sidebar that says “None” so I can kill the link. What’s the way to kill the link on the company name and logo?

Thank you.

There is currently no way to do this. In fact I think may be the first time it’s been requested, most want the logo to link home it’s very common UX.

I’ll look into adding an option for this in the future. You could always create your own nav bar with a structure Bloc, image bric and vertical list with its data feed set to primary. The only downside to this is, the list wouldn’t auto collapse on desktop so you would need to create a separate version of the nav to show on mobile with a button instead of vertical list that has a drop down with its data feed set to primary.

Thank you for the quick reply, Norm!

Pondering the “A” tabbed boxes in a more general way, I was thinking that it would be convenient if there was a checkbox or popup menu choice in the right sidebar that allows the designer to change the selected box from an “A” (hyperlink) box to a “Header” box. Being able to click-select a box and then quickly change its type would be faster than deleting an A-box and then drawing a Header-box.

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Yes, JDW, I agree with your assessment on this. - LewisO

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Maybe just in the dropdown menu you would have a chose of “none”. It would also be handy for a button. Sometimes it’s nice to use button as a easy way to add text with a icon.