Remove the immovable

Hi guys and gals in Blocland.
I have 2 annoying bugs that need splatting, and am asking for your help.
My site to test menu
I added a font (Prompt), but later removed it (completely form the project) following some critique.
But is still raises it’s ugly head in the hamburger menu:active.
The only way I’ve found so far is post export editing of the .style file.
I’ve tried this thanks to @Malachiman
Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 11.05.35 PM
The next it attached assets.
I have to keep a folder for attachments as there are some I can’t remove (or even locate), and some that refuse to attach. I have 4 .pdf file, but only 1 gets attached, and some deleted images I can’t delete. I tried r/c-delete with no effect; they simply reappear,